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Answer for question 4320.
Ike & Samus
Do you ever talk out loud to yourself? What do you say? Why do you think you do this?
I have done this a lot because as a kid, I didn't really have much friends in my life because of my sheltered life that my parents had me in. Now as an adult I talk more and more to myself because one I have "personalities" within me that understand me more then my own family does. When I cry, they are there to comfort me and keep me from doing something stupid to anyone or to myself....

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I'm exactly the friends think it's funny now when I start having a conversation with one of my other personalities. they think it's funny how I kinda change from personality to personality......And they also hold me back too,I have no idea how many stupid things I would have done over the years if it wasn't for them :)

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