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Answer for question 4262.
Ike & Samus
Do you have any unusual fears or phobias? If so, what are they? If not, which phobias do you think are most bizarre?
The phobia that I still have till this day but slightly is the being afraid of mice and rats. The reason for this was because my father would scare me to death with making it seem like he always had one of those disgusting creatures in his hands that would make me scream. Plus he knew how to make the sound of a mice really well so that had me jumping out of my skin as well.

Now when I see a mice or rat and I get scared, it makes me get angry at the sight of seeing them and makes me want to go after them with a broom and smash them 20 times over and over till they are not moving no longer.

True story: In my desperate fear of this suckers I actually killed the first mouse ever when I hit him with broom over and over till my brother had to pull me back from smashing him to bits because of how much he scared the hell outta of me.

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