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Answer for question 4264.
Ike & Samus
If someone has a problem with something you’ve done, do you prefer they confront you directly? Why or why not? When you're the one who needs to tell someone about a problem, what's your method of doing so?
I would prefer if the person came to me directly and told me what the problem is because personally when someone talks behind other person's back they basically are not brave enough to say what they have to say directly to the person they are talking about. Normally I would just sit down with the person and talk to them normally and solved the problem that way.

When I'm the one who has a problem with someone with what they say or doing, i usually tell them off in a nice way or when I'm not in the mood I be harsh about what I'm telling them simply because I have told the person many times the same thing over and over again.

When the person doesn't do it the first time around then I usually would leave the person to wither away in their own demise.


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